Eight Must-Have Titles For Young Adventurers

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In today’s blog post we dive into the literary world of adventure to give you eight exciting book recommendations. From staple classics to up-and-coming contemporary titles, you’re guaranteed to find something to inspire your inner explorer…



The first book in a gripping trilogy, The Everest Files is a shocking tale of lies, betrayal and obsession. Eighteen-year-old Ryan Hart is a British student working for a medical charity in Nepal who becomes embroiled in a lethal mission to investigate the disappearance of a stricken climber lost on Everest.

Emotions run high throughout this twisty tale – if you’re seeking a series that will grab you from the get go and play on your heartstrings, look no further!







R. A. Montgomery’s The Abominable Snowman is just one of many innovative stories for young adventurers where you – the reader – get to decide how it all plays out …      

‘Choose your own adventure stories’ come with a variety of options – usually at a cliff-hanger point in the narrative. There are often at least twenty different possible endings to any one book – which means at least twenty different adventures to be had!            

In this particular book, you and your friend are on an expedition to the world's highest mountains in the remote kingdom of Nepal to search for the Abominable Snowman. Suddenly your friend goes missing. Do you call for help or begin the search alone? … Choose wisely!





After catching a glimpse of a strange boy on Mount Snowden one Christmas morning, Ellie Morgan can’t thaw the tension that surfaces. Torn between the chance of true love and unimaginable peril, no stone will be left unturned until answers are given. Just who – or what – lurks under Devil’s Bridge?  

Extreme temperatures and extreme occurrences go hand-in-hand in Here Be Dragons, making the perfect read for thrill-seekers.







Though originally published in the 1700s, this classic desert island tale continues to be enjoyed by students, children and adults alike!      

Young Robinson Crusoe has a burning ambition to be a sailor. Paying no attention to his parents’ warnings, he sets sail to embark on a series of thrilling adventures … only to wind up on a desert island. Here, Crusoe faces new challenges while learning about faith, hope and most importantly: himself.        

While the original 1719 edition can be a difficult read due to its length and detail, it will no doubt appeal to younger readers relishing a challenge! The book has also been written anew for younger readers, and more recently brought to life through audiobooks, meaning there are many ways to enjoy this classic adventure!




A gripping read from Ruth Eastham, The Messenger Bird is an award-winning adventure story set around the top-secret Second World War codebreaking site Bletchley Park.  

Three days before Nathan's thirteenth birthday, his father is arrested for leaking Ministry of Defence information and causing the deaths of British soldiers. As he is dragged into a police car, he tells Nathan to follow a trail of clues to solve a mystery that will prove his innocence. But he urges Nathan to trust absolutely no one …

Will Nathan be able to set his father free in time? And what secrets will he uncover along the way?  

This heart-stopping thriller is a powerful read, shrouded in mystery at every turn.






Since her mum’s death, Ruby's life has changed forever. Her dad has uprooted her to Australia to run a hotel in the Indian mountains; and she's become afraid – of cars, the dark, and the strange and dangerous creatures that live in her surrounding wilderness. But when the last few remaining leopards of the mountains are threatened, she's determined to help if only she can overcome her fears.        

When the Mountains Roared is an emotional and heartfelt read about the importance of believing in yourself as well as fighting for what you believe in.






Book two of the Narnia ChroniclesThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a personal favourite of mine.                                                                              

Set during the Second World War, this classic adventure follows four siblings who stumble into a magical world through a wardrobe. The adventures they have there are plenty as they fight to free Narnia from the grip of the White Witch.  

A ray of hope appears with the return of Aslan, the Great Lion … but these siblings must work together to bring about change.  

This is a powerful story of sacrifice, bravery and the unbreakable bonds of family.



Another timeless classic, Alice in Wonderland is the story of a young girl who stumbles down a rabbit hole and finds a world of adventure,encountering the iconic Cheshire Cat, the anxious White Rabbit and the terrifying Red Queen, as well as a host of other outlandish characters.  

This is one for the dreamers; if you’re an adventurer who knows no limits to the bounds of imagination, you’ll instantly fall in love with Lewis Carroll’s crazy yet charming world!

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