Engaging Young Readers: Eight great reasons to give audio a go

We’re excited to announce that as well as providing our books in print and ebook formats, we are offering audiobook versions of select titles.

Our first three audiobooks, Matt Dickinson's The Everest FilesNorth Face and Killer Storm are now live. To celebrate this addition to our digital library, our Digital Assets Editor, Sarah, takes a look at what makes audio so appealing for young readers …


The ‘immerseability’ factor

Ever heard the phrase, ‘Headphones in. World out’? This really rings true here – listening to a book makes it so much easier to get drawn into the story. This can be especially helpful for readers who get easily distracted or have trouble concentrating.

Audio appeals to an innate desire: storytelling

The art of telling and listening to a story is the oldest tradition – thousands of years before we were writing stories down and reading them. There is almost an innate comfort about being told a story, and hearing this story from a professional actor makes the experience not only more vivid, but arguably more engaging, realistic and exciting for young readers.

Do more on the go

Parents rejoice! Avoid the dreaded ‘I’m bored’ or ‘Are we there yet?’ on roadtrips – sticking an audiobook on can make any length of journey fun and entertaining!

Give their eyes a break!

In a world where young people are never too far from a screen – be it tablet, TV or mobile phone – audiobooks provide a very welcome relief for tired and strained eyes!


Develop their literacy skills

Using audiobooks can help grow a young person’s vocabulary, as well as their speaking and listening skills.

Audiobooks are accessible

Audiobooks are fantastic for developing a reader’s confidence – for those who find printed books daunting or feel discouraged from a title due its difficult reading level, audiobooks provide a welcome solution.

The more the merrier: make reading a social experience

Audiobooks allow the joy of reading to be developed, shared and discussed. Listening to a book as a family is a great bonding experience and, as previously mentioned, very entertaining due to the high-quality voice actors who narrate with captivating enthusiasm and expression.

They’re great for bedtime

Listening to an audiobook before bed is a fantastic way to winddown and relax. They also make incorporating some reading time into a busy evening routine easier: a real win-win!

Sound good? Keep an ear out as we’ll be announcing more audiobook news very soon!

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