Internationally renowned artist and illustrator Kieron Black signs two-book deal with fiction imprint Shrine Bell

Kieron Black, a professional artist known around the world for his artwork, has signed with Shrine Bell, to write and illustrate a two-part children’s book series. The first book, The Goblin’s Blue Blanket, will be published in March 2019. With many strings to his creative bow, Black produces exceptional watercolour and acrylic mountain landscapes, cartoon strips, skateboard decks and book illustrations. He has illustrated many books throughout his career, but this is the first time his own words will be published alongside his colourful creations. Ogie is the goblin with the beloved blue blanket. When it goes missing, he and his cat, Gerald, go off in search for it but meanwhile miss out on the opportunities for adventure they are offered along the way. All parents will remember a time their child lost a much-treasured item, and for Black the inspiration for the book came when his daughter left her toy at a local fair and had to wait until the next day before she could retrieve it.

Black is thrilled to be collaborating with outdoor-adventure publisher Vertebrate Publishing, and believes it’s the perfect fit for the series. ‘Every time I'm in the hills, the Alps, the Mournes, wherever, I'm seeing Ogie, or something just like him, staring at me from behind some cairn or outcrop. It’s probably marmots, or sheep. But anyway, Ogie comes from the mountains. How perfect then that it should be Vertebrate – a publishing house steeped in the mountains – that picked up his story. I'm delighted.’

With Black’s full-colour, vibrant and magical illustrations alongside a poignant story with a moral, the Ogie stories promise to be a hit for all with an active imagination and sense of adventure.

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