Matt Dickinson Takes Pupils to Mount Everest and Back

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Matt Dickinson, author of Popcorn-Eating Squirrels and The Everest Files, has recently been in China and spent a whole week at Wellington College in Shanghai leading discussions, presentations and workshops on the theme of Mount Everest to the children studying there.

September 2-6 saw award-winning novelist and filmmaker Matt Dickinson join us for a weeklong visit full of presentations, discussions and creative writing workshops themed around Mount Everest and the importance of maintaining a sense of adventure in our lives.

Matt has written over a dozen highly acclaimed books of different genres, largely based on his exploits as a mountaineer. Prior to his writing career, Matt worked with National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and the BBC making insightful documentaries , and was responsible for the cinematography for the 2014 film, Searching for Nepal.


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Further Reading

Here's a selection of Matt's books:

Lie Kill Walk Away

Joe and Becca uncover a deadly secret. A lethal bioweapon is about to be unleashed. Millions will suffer a terrible death.

Now they are being hunted down. 

And their problems have only just begun … 





The Everest Files

In the deepest Himalaya a story is spreading like wildfire. The story of an Everest expedition unlike any other. An expedition that ended with mysterious disappearances ... and death.


Popcorn-Eating Squirrels


Popcorn-Eating Squirrels of the World Unite! is a funny, non-stop action-adventure story about four squirrels who dive in to all sorts of mischief and chaos in the pursuit of a delicious new foodstuff: popcorn. Making friends, battling enemies and overcoming obstacles along the way, this is a story for children who like to be thrilled with every page turn. 


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