Sarah Mussi introduces her new book, Here be Witches

Here be Witches Sarah Mussi

Hello everyone

Sarah Mussi here ... I’m super excited to introduce my new book to you, Here be Witches, it’s about strange adventures in wild and wonderful Snowdonia. Anyone who has ever stood on a high peak or summit knows the magic of mountains. In Here be Witches I take you deep into the mythical world of the Welsh hills of North Wales to understand exactly why their magic is so powerful.

As we follow the adventures of Ellie Morgan, a teenager raised on the slopes of Mount Snowdon, we encounter the Brenin Llwyd, the breath of the Dark Lord, that deceptive ragged mountain mist that lures unwary travellers over treacherous cliffs. We meet figures draped in mystery from ancient times, Gwyn ap Nudd with his white hell hounds, and of course the dragons of Dinas Emrys. Ellie must face a coven witches and break the spell they have laid over her beloved mountains, in order to save her one true love, Henry, and stop the enchantment that will destroy Snowdonia. But the witches’ spell has awoken deep evil. Monstrous mythical creatures are rising from their graves to stop her. With only three friends brave enough to follow her, Ellie must set out to find a way to survive and complete her quest ...

Here be Witches will be published on 1 March. Find out more HERE.

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