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Buy a Copy of Fantastic Female Adventurers and Get a Copy of the Warrior in the Mist Free!

Fantastic Female Adventurers (RRP £12.99)

Do you know how it feels to run for 1,900 miles? Or to look down at the earth from a space station? Or to swim alongside a hungry shark?

Fantastic Female Adventurers by Lily Dyu is a collection of fourteen exciting and inspirational stories about the women that do. Follow them on their incredible journeys around the globe.

Beautifully illustrated by artist and adventurer Chellie Carroll, Fantastic Female Adventurers will leave you thinking: I can do that, too!

The Warrior in the Mist (RRP £6.99)

Their bodies flickered strangely – transparent, blueish, as if they were made of flames. With a jolt, he realised that they were fading. Time was running out.

Who are the phantom girls? What do they want with Aidan?

Aidan’s village is under siege. A fracking company has moved on to the land.

Aidan and his best friends Emmi and Jon have one last hope.
Legend has it that the warrior queen Boudicca is buried close by.
If only they can find the tomb … prove this is the site of her last great battle against Roman invaders …

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